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Código del Curso



14 horas (usualmente 2 días, incluidas las pausas)


  • Basic Linux administration skills
  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing paradigm

Descripción General

The aim of this course is to get familiar with the OpenStack environment both from the operator and administrator side. After a brief introduction to cloud computing you will get your own OpenStack instance and perform hands-on operational and administrative actions. The course covers all the basic components of the OpenStack from general architecture to administering the cloud. The format of the course comprises around 75% of hands-on workshop in the real OpenStack environment.

Programa del Curso

1. Introduction to OpenStack

  • History of the cloud and OpenStack
  • Cloud features
  • Cloud models
    • private, public, hybrid
    • on-premise, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Public and private cloud deployments based on OpenStack
  • Open source and commercial OpenStack distributions
  • OpenStack deployment models
  • OpenStack ecosystem
    • Modules
    • Underlying tools
    • Integrations
  • OpenStack lifecycle
  • OpenStack certification
  • OpenStack lab (VM) for this course

2. Hands-on OpenStack administration workshop 

  • Getting to know OpenStack 
    • OpenStack components (Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Swift, Heat)
    • Interaction with OpenStack cloud
    • OpenStack daemons and API communication flow
  • Keystone - Identity management service
    • Domains, projects, users and roles
    • Managing Keystone catalogue services and endpoints
    • Manage/Create domains, groups, projects, users, and roles
    • Verification of Keystone services
  • Glance - Image service
    • Image features (properties, metadata, format, container)
    • Uploading and downloading image
    • Sharing images
    • Manage quotas for image service
    • Verification of Glance services
  • Neutron - Networking
    • Basic Neutron network resource types
    • Manage tenant networks, subnets, 
    • Manage security groups and rules
    • East-West routing
    • Network namespaces
    • Manage external/provider networks
    • North-South routing
    • Floating IPs management
    • Manage network quotas
    • Basic network troubleshooting (namespaces, tcpdump, etc.)
    • Networking quotas
    • Verification of Neutron services
  • Nova - Compute service
    • Interfaces to hypervisors
    • Keypair management
    • Flavour management
    • Instance parameters
    • Creating an instance
    • Verification of spawned instances
    • Snapshotting
    • Instance management
    • Assigning floating IPs
    • Interactive console and console log
    • Security groups assignment
    • Compute quotas
    • Getting statistics from Nova
    • Placement API and Nova Cells v2
    • Verification of Nova services
  • Cinder - Block Storage
    • Volume parameters
    • Creating volume
    • Manage volume
    • Attaching volume to Nova instance
    • Managing volume snapshots
    • Managing volume backups
    • Restoring backups
    • Managing volume quotas
    • Adding new storage backend
    • LVM, storage array and Ceph storage backends
    • Ceph in OpenStack
    • Verification of Cinder services
  • Swift - Object Storage
    • Swift components and processes
    • Managing containers and objects
    • Managing access control lists
    • Setting up object expiration
    • The Ring and storage policies
    • Monitoring available storage space
    • Setting up quotas
    • Verification of Swift services
  • Heat - Orchestration
    • Heat Orchestration Template and its components
    • Creating Heat stack
    • Verification of Heat stack
    • Updating Heat stack
    • Verification of Heat services



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